Download KMSpico 11 Official™ ® Activator Windows & MS Office ® 2020

KMSpico 11 is an amazing activator tool which is used for Microsoft Office and Windows products Activation for free even without expiry date. This Activator provides the lifetime activation of both Microsoft products i.e. any one can activate MS Office (any version) and any MS Windows (any version). The latest version of KMS Pico is (KMSpico 11 2020 version) worth using as all people can’t purchase the activation keys for the different products of Microsoft, and even some useful features of Microsoft products can’t be utilized without activation. Therefore, the user who is facing any difficulty or want to use all the features of the unlicensed products can follow the step by step guidelines to use KMSpico final version (2020) to activate Microsoft products for lifetime without any product key and without spending even a single penny. Don't worry KMSpico Official is 100% safe and virus free, check report shown below.

kmspico is safe

What is KMSpico

KMSpico - All about you want to know: Here is the truth, its an amazing Windows activator or Activation Software (tool) that is used by most of people to activate premium features of any versions of Microsoft Home and Pro etc.Honestly, Microsoft doesn't like it.
Another interesting thing is, KMSpico is introduced by Microsoft itself to help companies which wanted to work without Microsoft, to gain mutual benefits, without sharing their secrates to Microsoft.


It is a fabulous activation tool that works great with Windows and Microsoft products. KMSpico basically works on the formula of “KMS (Key Management Service)” which is used by Microsoft to activate their software’s and applications. The keys are published for public use (partner companies). Want to download KMSpico? Firstly, understand basic of KMSpico which are given below.

Currently, the KMSpico is most famous, clean and 100% Successful working tool. KMSpico really does a great job and activate any version of Microsoft Office and Windows in a short span of time.

Microsoft uses KMS technology to activate their software’s that are deployed in bulk. Similar to the KMS new technology evolved that is KMSpico which replace the already installed license key with the volume license key to activate the software’s for further uses as well as it maintains a challenging environment of KMS Server on your machine. I think now you want to know more about KMSpico 10 Activator which is used to activate Microsoft Office, Windows 7, 8 & 10 etc.

Follow this video guide to make your system perfect for KMSpico and to Install KMSpico

kmspico 2019
kmspico 2019 latest

KMSpico latest version, Download from below button updated on 13 th Feb 2020.

Link 1: Download
Link 2: Download

KMS Solution

ZIP Password – windows Supoort: If anyone found any issues or file missing in download then Contact us to report issue, we will update it.

WARNING : The method we are sharing here is only for education point of view! We’ll be not responsible for the way anyone use this KMSpico 11 tool. If one like MS products and want to use them, is highly recommanded please buy them legaly and original copies from authorized sellers only.

How KMS Works?

The deal is hear:
You can easyly underthand how KMS works if you have understanding of KMSpico. Let's consider the best example as Microsoft. As we all know like all big brands Microsoft also wants to work with several small / mid size companies and big size companies, and people in these (count them partner companies) companies using systems have this license (product key) issue till they verify Microsoft windows to activate all premium features.


Microsoft introduced a key management server (KMS). The activation requests from these partner companies emploies do not direclty go to Microsoft, but they go through the KMS server and then KMS approves them.
Using this way, Microsoft did activation of the volume licensed products such as MS office and Windows. Therefore, now companies are using KMS for volume licensing instead of buying a separate copy of Windows and MS Office for each system.

What KMSpico Does?



Every software has some limitations, in the same way KMS has. The issue with MS Windows KMS is, limited period for which Microsoft products remains activated in a device but then goes back to the limited features version after sometime.

But there is a solution of this limitation. You can get lifetime free activation of all premium features of MS Office and Windows when you use a high quality KMS software/tool, for example KMSPico. It is one of those KMS solutions that activate your any version (home or pro) of Windows 8 or 10 or Microsoft Office Suite permanently (without expiry date) for free. Does it sound something you are interested in? No worry, go down and explore everything about KMS Solution and KMSpico Activator.

Good reasons are here for you to know why you should use KMSPico to activate your Windows 10 or 8 or MS Office 2016 (and any other versions):

Free Activation of Windows and MS Office

Either you have any version of Windows (7, 8,8.1, 10) or any version of MS Office from 2010 to MS Office 2016, KMSpico will be able to activate that for free for you.

KMSPico never charge even a single cent for the lifetime activation of Windows and (or) MS Office Suite.

Can you just think about it:

A premium copy of Windows 10 (Home Edition) will cost approx $119, while Windows 10 (Pro Edition) will run for approx $199. For those who needs an upgrade from the Windows 10 Home edition to the Windows Pro edition, it will cost $99 (prices as on 13th Feb. 2020)

So windoes 10 Pro can be activated for $0 i.e. for nothing. Get a copy of Windows from any friend or download from anywhere, start useing it untill it starts asking for the windows activation, then just download KMSpico software from and you will be able to activate your software for free permanently.

KMSpico Features



Fully Free to Use.



Free of Malware



Easy to USE.



lifetime Working.

Supported Softwares that KMSpico can Activate

KMSpico also provides the functionality to search for a previous version of the software through online KMS Servers. KMSpico also forces the consumers to activate the software via the KMS Server. Below on the given table, we have mentioned the Softwares which can be activated by KMSpico. To activate any Software or OS user must have the valid operating system running on the system. The KMSpico does not support older versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista. So the user who want to activate this kind of Software they must have installed .net 4.0+ before using KMSpico Activator.

Operating Systems Office Server OS
Windows 8(.1) Pro Office 10/project/ visio Win Server 2016
Win 8(.1) Enterprise Office 13/project/ visio Windows Server 2012 (R2) all versions

Windows 7

Office 16/project/ visio Windows Server 2008 R2 all versions
Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise All Servers
Windows Vista Business
Win Vista Enterprise

How to Download KMSpico?

Looking for an alternate to activate Windows version 7,8, 8.1 or 10 [KMSPico For Windows 7, KMSPico For Windows 8, KMSPico For Windows 10, KMSPico For XP] and Microsoft Office? Thinking How to Download KMSpico?. Follow the step by step instructions to download KMSpico latest version of 2020 to activate your Microsoft Products..

1. Firstly, to avoid unnecessary issues of hindrance make sure to find and turn off firewall and antivirus software's. Below is screenshot of one system to show you how to do it.

KMSpico turn off antivirus
how to turn off firewall
2. Press on the Download link.
3. After few seconds it will start downloading the KMSPico in your system. Wait till the download process is completed.

4. Now you have download file of KMspico activator which is in an archive.
5. Unzip the KMS activator using the windows password.

How to Install KMSpico?

KMSpico is only installed through the official download links. Users must have the latest version of KMSpico to activate the software products. Follow the below given instructions to install the KMSpico tool..

1. Go through the Start button and search for KMSpico. From the KMSpico Directory find and click on “KMSeldi.exe”.

kmspico installation process
2. As you will press on KMSpico, A prompt stating user account control window is open having the options yes and no. You have to click on Yes.
* A detailed step by step guide for How to Use Kmspico

How does KMSpico 10 Acivaor Works?

3. Based on the available programmes on your system the KMSpico automatically detects on the software and show the red button.
4. If you have just installed a fresh operating system. Tap on the red button to start the KMSpico activation process.
5. If you want to stay updated about your KMSpico Tool activation status. Press on the Tokens tab & click on Blue square containing “I” in it. The Blue square icon shows you the activation status as well as current system edition.
6. Now visit through the start tab or right click on Computers/This PC icon and choose properties. This will show the current details of your Windows version and activation status.
7. The Process is successfully completed and your system is activated with the license key. Now you can take advantage of full functionalities of Windows and MS Office tools.

windows 10 activation
* Before trying your windows make sure to read the instructions completey and follow them accordingly Microsoft Windows Activation without Key


Advantage of KMSpico

*Activation like Genuine: After the KMS Activator Installation Process the Microsoft Office or Windows OS will run like a genuine product of Microsoft and does not show any prompt for activating the Windows.


*No Expiration Date: The Microsoft Products activated through the KMSpico runs for the lifetime without buying a premium license key. The Volume key does not allow it to deactivate or stop running the premium features on KMS Server.


*No Detection: The developer’s team continuously updates the KMS Activator to give it a genuine look so it can’t detect the KMSAuto Net.


*Supports 32 bit & 64 bit System: KMSpico has the awesome functionality that allows it to run in both 32 bit or 64 bit systems without facing any difficulties. But the user who are using KMS Activator for activating Microsoft products they must have installed at least Windows XP Operating System in their current System.


*Safe & Clean: From the local sites or unofficial you may get the KMS Activation tool with some malware. But the official KMSpico does not contain any virus or malware hidden within codes. So your system is safe and protected against the viruses from KMS tool.


Key Characteristic of KMSpico Activator

*Available for Free: KMSpico latest version is easily available to download via the official website or KMSpico. To download the KMSpico Activator aspirants must have a compatible version of OS or software applications.


*Virus or Trojan Free: There are no virus and malware substitutes available with KMSpico that harms your device for running smoothly. It does not contain any virus files to activate the Microsoft products like Windows or Office versions.


*Legal Use: KMSpico is a legal toolkit to activate the software applications like Windows that needs a license key to run without facing difficulties. For a legal license key, you should have to buy it from the official and activate it. But with KMS Activator, you don’t need to pay a single penny.


*Genuine Download: KMSpico is available to download from the official site freely. So users don’t need to go to any other local websites and buy it or download for activating the Microsoft Software products.


KMSPico 11 (Updated Version of 2020, Latest KMSpico)

The Latest Version of KMSpico is KMSpico 11 which does the same work but have some upgraded features that offer more flexibility to use the KMS Servers. The KMSpico 11 is worthy and very helpful in these days because for each software products you need an activation key to run it on your device. And every time you can’t buy the activation key for your software products.

So the aspirants who are facing issues with unlicensed software products they just need to download and use the KMSpico final version and activate their Windows and Microsoft products with the volume license key.

When you are using KMSpico Activator some activation process are started running in the background that helps in activating the Windows Version 7, 8, 10 and Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office and Windows are the most popular software products that are needs of almost every person who are using Computer or any other smart devices. These Applications are easy to use and helpful in any kind of professional or personal work. Millions of Computer users across the world use Windows as their Operating System rather than any other OS because it supports every application and easy to manage work.

KMS Activator remains active for 180 days after that KMSpico must be activated again. By using KMSpico, An activation process is initiated which runs automatically twice a day that helps in reset the counter to activate the KMS Activator.

KMSpico is a smart program to activate the Windows OS or Microsoft Office for the lifetime use. Everyone knows the importance of software activator because the use of this activator allows us to continue using the services. Similar with KMSpico, the KMS Activator tool enable us for run activation, services of Microsoft Products like office and Windows OS version 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Without activating these Microsoft products with the license key you can’t take advantage of premium features. All those users who are still using the trial version of Microsoft Office or any other Microsoft Products can use KMSpico activator [Kmspico Portable]. For all of them, this tool is very useful. It helps them to activate their Microsoft product with volume license key and run them without facing any difficulties.

* Want to activate MS Office 2016? Here is a detailed guide for you to follow the instrutions and active the MS office without issues for free.

How can you Remove KMSPico? – Uninstall KMSpico

As you have successfully acivated Windows and/or MS Office there is no need to keep KMSpico in your system now. So Uninstall KMSpico and remove it completely using the steps given below:

To remove KMSpico follow exactly same steps given below, but keep in mind its not KMSPico infection if you downloaded from our website, Be aware about other fake kmspico websites. Make sure to follow all instructions in the same order as given else it ll give some erros. Take a of print this KMSpico removal guide in case you have only this computer available. There is no need of USB sticks or CDs to follow the remoal process.

Step 1: Go to "Control Panel" >> “Add / Remove Programs” >> select "KMSpico" now click on Uninstall/Remove.

Step 2: Make sure to go on browser setings and hen delete KMS-Pico from browsers like Chrome, Firefox or IE.

Step 3: Now is the time to remove KMS-Pico from the Windows registry permanently.

* Complete guide to uninstall and remove KMSpico.

Pro & Cons of KMS Activaor

This amazing tool provides you some special very unique facilities that other activators can not provide. You can easily make a comparison yourself on the basis of the key points which are given below:

*This tool supports several product languages.

*This is completely safe and secure (like other unwanted tols this tool never access your private data).

*Very small in size, the size occupied by KMSpico is just < 5MB.

*This tool accesses public system resources.

*100% clean, this doesn’t contain any malware and/or virus.

*KMS Activator Tool provides lifetime activation for Windows, MS Office and other microsoft product.

Did you found any cons of this tool? I can’t find anything. Even more this is a free to use activator, No virus, this is a precious gift.

Summery About KMSpico Activator

By the KMSpico tool, you are getting a fearless experience of activating the software products. All the processes of activating the license key will be running in the background. You just need to start the activation process once for office or windows. After the KMSpico Activator has successfully completed the activation process you need to check the software product is showing the correct activation status or not. The detailed and complete information relevant to KMSpico Activation tool is available on the official website and users must have to confirm it from there to avoid facing issues.

The KMSpico activator tool replaces the activation key from your currently running software products with a volume key as well as it makes a copy of KMS Server on your Computer System. All these processes through the KMS Server are run to activate the Windows OS or Microsoft office rather than a Mac server or any other software products. The Activation process completely runs in the backend of the system and users only need to initiate it through the KMS Activator.

After starting the software activation process through KMSpico it will take some time around a couple of minutes to software get updated with the license key. After successful completion of the activation process, you will need to install it on the KMS server. You have to press the install button to run installation process and setup it in your Computer System.

After the installation process, you must have to restart your PC to activate the replaced Software key with the volume key.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's About KMSpico)

Rumors are everywhere about KMS Activator. So to keep you aware about the truth we are sharing FAQ's. See below:

*Is KMS-pico tool steal my banking information or passwords?

Data theft one of the biggest risk involved with several known tools or softwares but with KMSpico its not even the case. It never steal your banking information or password or any other data. Its risk free, use it with peace of mind.

*Do I ever have to pay to KMSPico in any form?

KMSPico never show you any dream of freedom and connection to sell you to big companies unlike well known social media networks do. Don't trust on us, do your own research,collectio information from different sources from internet and you will see that it activates $$$ worth of softwares for free.

*Windows will get flagged or ask again for activation if I use KMSPico to activate it earlier. Is this true?

To be honest, all such rumors fake and they do not have any reality.

I'd live to add:

Firstly, the activation is permanent and completly free of cost, and it you do it as said then I ll assure that it will remain the same and never ask you again to activate it.

At the end, people who says that windows will get flagged in case you used KMSpico Activator, are obviously wrong, and are not aware about the fect that it just store and apply the product keys that belong to Windows genuinely. Thus the activation is genuine, organic and 100% permanent.

*Is it safe to use KMS Activator tool?

Yes, 100% safe and secure moreover it depends from where you are going to download KMSpico. But if you download KMSpico Activator from official website or from authentic websites there feel free to use it.

*Can I use KMSpico to activate windows 10?

Yes, 100% it can be used to activate windows 10 home/pro editions for free permanelty. Even, not only windows 10 but also all other windows and MS office can be activated.

*Is there any need of internet connection to use KMSpico?

No, Just to download kmspico you need an internet connection but if you have KMSpico already then there is no need to stay connected with internet. So just download and disconnect the internet in case you dont have it.

*Do, I need to buy this product?

No, its completly free you can download it from

*Is KMSpico a virus program?

No, the KMSpico software is safe, but antivirus, defender and firewall might recognize it as a threat, so just turn them off untill this software runs. Our software it clean, 100% secure and safe we already shared report above but be aware about some fake websites. Make sure to download kms file from our website for best experience.

* Due antivirus my system is not allowing me to download the KMSpico tool, What should I do now?

Well, In this case you need to trun off your antivirus untill download process comlete. Once done turn it on back.

*How does KMSpico works?

KMSpico bypass the activation process by providing a product key from KMS server for free, its genuine version. Therefore, there is no need to pay for the product key.

*How does KMSpico works?

KMSpico bypass the activation process by providing a product key from KMS server for free, its genuine version. Therefore, there is no need to pay for the product key.

*Can we use KMS Activator for MS Office activation and Windows activation as well?

Of course yes, any version of MS Office Suite and Windows OS can be activated using KMSpico.

*Is KMSpico a legal software?

Of course not, as you are not paying for the key's to Microsfot but yes the system was developed legally to provide keys to Microsoft's Partner Companies.

*Is KMS Activator activates Windows and Office for lifetime or it is limited?

100% Lifetime activation, Yes KMS pico activator activates windows and office without expiry date.

Do you have more question? Need any help? Get in touch or put your thoughts in comment.

Giveaway comment down for which product you need licance and we will provide you for free. Sharing is caring. Help your friends to activate their windows and office for free. Share this now: