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How to use KMSpico After Activation?

KMSpico Activator is a best and most popular tool which is available for free and used to activate Windows 7 or Windows 8 as well as it is also used to activate MS Office. By using this amazing tool you are out of fear for activating Windows & Microsoft Office. The KMSpico Activator tool run the process in background and timely update the licence key with the volume key of software products.

To activate the Windows 7 or 8 or you want to activate your Microsoft Office Product by KMSpico Activator Tool, you just need to click on Activation option and wait for some time. The Activation process will be begin automatically in the background and after completion of activation process you have to check that your software is activated successfully or not.

To make the process of Windows 7 & Office 2018 activation easier, some improvements have been done. Now KMSauto lite can be used to activate Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Office Versions 2010, 2013, 2016.

How KMSpico Activator Tool Works?

KMSpico Activator works on the license key of software and easily replaces the installation key of particular software product with a volume key and then it makes a copy version of KMS Server on the system.
This Whole Process turns to make the software & windows to activate with the KMS Server instead of MAK Server. After initiating the process with Activator we should have to wait for some minutes for software to activate. The whole process will automatically works in the background. After its completion one should need to click on Installation icon and proceed with the setup to work on your system. After installations is done restart the PC.

KMSpico latest version, Download from below button.

KMSpico Link 1: Download

Link 2: Download here

How to Install KMSpico (Steps to Install KMSpico Tool)

Initially the KMSpico need to be downloaded from the available link on our page (Download KMSpico). Before downloading the KMSpico Activator turn off the firewall or other antivirus software available in your PC (follow all the steps given here). Now proceed further with the installation process of KMSpico tool which is available step by step below. Follow these instructions carefully to install and use the KMSpico.
1. Double Click on KMSpico Setup that you have downloaded recently on your system.
2. Tap on Yes, if prompt ask with yes or no option.
3. Select the checkbox and then click on Next.
4. Select the path or directory where you want to install the KMSpico Software.
5. Wait for a couple of minutes to complete installation process.

KMSpico latest version, Download from below button.

KMSpico Link 1: Download
Link 2: Download here

Method to activate kmspico windows 10 activator

The Method is quite easy to activate the Windows 10 by KMSpico Software. Only you need to have the knowledge about the process of using KMSpico Tool. Once the Software is downloaded and installed successfully then follow these simple steps with your Windows 10 system.
1. Click on the start menu.
2. Search here for KMSpico
3. Click & Open KMSpico Desktop APP.
4. Now you see four options in the menu that are given below:
A. Main
B. Token
C. Adv
D. Log
In the “main” option when you tap on a button it will show program complete & an application will close. Next time, when you open the KMSpico Application from start it will open.

Tap on Token, in this section you see the Product Key for Windows 10 which is suitable for your system environment. There are two buttons, one for refresh that will generate new token key that mean a new product key for Windows 10 or any other Windows version.
Or if you tap on the other icon it will take a backup of the product key or token key for Windows 10.
And in the Adv field you just see the host address of your Computer System.

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