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Activate Microsoft Office by KMSpico Activator

So you are using Microsoft Office without having the product key and want to activate your ms office software without spending a single penny. Here we are going to help you in activating your Microsoft Office in the easiest way using KMSpico Activator. So now you can Activate Microsoft Office by KMSpico for free.

The KMSPico is always the best way to activate your Windows or Microsoft Applications. If you get free Microsoft Office Professional version , you can activate your software using KMSpico Activator Tool.

How do I activate MS Office using KMSpico?

Microsoft uses technologies like Key Management Service (KMS) & MAK (Multiple Activation Keys) to activate the system deployed in huge number like in a corporate environment. The Software installed & running on these devices are using Volume Licensed Channel.
MAK has a fixed number of activation’s linked with it that is used for activating devices by calling back to Microsoft Servers. Similar to this the KMS is where a device who is using KMS Activator can activate by using the phoning method to KMS Server at their local network instead of Microsoft Servers for numerous reasons like Privacy and avoiding the assault of Microsoft Servers.

KMSpico replaces the installed key of software with a volume license key. In addition with this it also creates an instance of KMS Server in your machine and forces the software like Windows & Microsoft office to activate the KMS Server.
The KMSpico Activator tool works straightforwardly as designed for activating the Windows and Office Versions to use without buying the product key. But Windows Version 8.1 changed some settings in their software and don’t allow the users for localhost activation.


KMSpico latest version, Download from below button.

KMSpico Link 1: Download
Link 2: Download here

Process to activate Microsoft Office Using KMSpico Activator

KMSpico has installed version as well as the Portable version of software either of which can be used for activating the Microsoft Office without the product key. You can download KMSpico Activator easily from its official site. It is available for free and also its installation process does not take time. The process to find out the KMSpico Activator tool is very simple, you just need to type KMSpico Activator Microsoft Office on Google or any other search engines. Before downloading the software activator you need to temporarily disable the antivirus installed on your system. So you can prevent the interception from downloading any other third party software/program.

How to Install Latest Version of KMSpico

Step- 1: After Successfully download the KMSpico Install , double click on the KMSpico_setup.exe file. If a prompt occurs for User account control, you have to confirm it.
Step-2: Follow the instruction of KMSpico Setup Wizard to install the tool. After Completion of the installation process the Setup process will automatically end and your Microsoft Office has activated automatically without the product key.

How to Use KMSpico Portable

Step-1: After downloading the KMSpico portable file setup. Double Click on KMSELDI.exe file to run the setup. Confirm the dialogue box if prompted for User Access Control. One can download KMSpico Portable from here.
Step 2: Tap on the Highlighted Red Button. Now, wait for a while `till the KMS GUI ELEI window exit automatically. After completion of the process, your Microsoft Office will activate automatically.



Method to activate the Microsoft office 2013 with the help of KMSPico

For Successful installation of Microsoft Office 2013 you have to follow some system guidelines and the process that are listed below:
1. To activate the Office 2018 you have to download the KMSpico from the below link. Before proceeding to download you also have to deactivate your antivirus temporarily because some softwares of KMSpico were also counted as Viruses.


2. The KMSpico setup is download in a .rar file. You have to extract it first with Winrar. Then Open the extracted folder. Here you will see the KMSpico file with .exe extension.
3. Install the setup with normal execution.
4. If the installed process is finished then click on finish.
5. Go to the search bar and find KMSpico.
6. Choose from Autopico or KMSpico.
After choosing one of them you can activate the Microsoft Office 2013 easily.